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With experience we provide you with highest quality of spectrometers, lasers and optics

Smart modules with built-in controllers
Smallest Size. Fastest Integration.


Linear piezoelectric “smart stages” have embedded drive electronics for smallest size and fast integration into handheld and portable instruments.

Tiny, precision focus modules enable smaller instruments. Piezo motors and 3 VDC controllers are integrated into compact lens holdersl

M3-RS Rotary Micro Stages
Rotary smart stages with integrated closed-loop control deliver precision embedded motion such as beam steering in compact instruments.

M3-L Linear Actuators
Smart linear actuators have integrated piezo motors and closed-loop controllers to push or pull light objects.

The optimal measuring instrument for your research

KMG Fotonik AB is an independent supplier of photonics and associated technologies to the Nordic scientific and industrial market. We are the exclusive distributor of leading manufacturers of scientific and industrial spectroscopy solutions, optical instruments, cutting edge optics and detectors for the photonics sector. 

Our experience is long and significant. Through us and our knowledge you will get the best suited instruments for your research. Please contact us if you have questions about our products or wants to know more about us.