Imaging and Spectroscopy Cameras

Princeton Instruments constantly striving to improve the performance and usability of our camera lines and we are pleased to offer ground-breaking products that include PIXIS CCDs, ProEM EMCCDs, PI-MAX4 ICCDs and emICCDs as well as NIRvana InGaAs cameras.​​​​​​

HRS spectrometers

For more than 25 years, SpectraPro spectrometers from Princeton Instruments have set new standards for reliable high - performance spectroscopy. Day in and day out, researchers around the world depend on these popular spectrographs and monochromators for a wide variety of scientific and indu strial applications.

New SpectraPro HRS imaging spectrographs are absolutely packed with the latest technology and are capable of facilitating just about any spectroscopy application imaginable. HRS spectrometers Search


  • Exclusive sensors for highest NIR QE; up to 70% @ 1000nm
  • Dual 16 MHz readout ports for high spectral rates
  • Deepest TE-cooling to -95°C in air
  • eXcelon-enabled for reduced etaloning and increased sensitivity

Raman spectrometer​​​​​


  • 200 – 2200 nm operation
  • >3 picometers spectral resolution
  • Extreme stray light rejection
  • Multiple entrance and exit slits
  • Flexible for use in single, double and triple stage operation
Double and triple spectrometers with high flexibility and high performance. Operating in either additive mode for high resolution or subtractive more for extreme stray light rejection.


  • ArcTec™ technology cools the sensor below -90° C
  • Permanent vacuum guarantee
  • Greater than 95% peak QE
  • Patented eXcelon® technology
  • Readout rates up to 16 MHz with up to 4-port simultaneous readout
  • Compatible with Princeton Instruments spectrometers for multi-track spectroscopy

Isoplane 81

The IsoPlane® 81 (previously known as FERGIE) is a compact, imaging spectrograph encompassing UV-NIR wavelengths ideal for microspectroscopy such as Raman, fluorescence, and absorption.
  • Aberration free
  • Optimal imaging from UV-NIR
  • 95% peak QE
  • Thermoelectric cooling to -55℃
  • IsoPlane 81 ecosystem with multiple accessories​​​​​​

X-Ray Cameras

The SOPHIA-XO camera platform is specially designed for scientific applications such as VUV/EUV/XUV imaging, x-ray diffraction, x-ray microscopy, x-ray holography, x-ray spectroscopy, and x-ray plasma.


LightField is a game-changer, destined to become the benchmark for scientific software. Whether you're involved in Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence, combustion, quantum imaging, astronomy, or x-ray imaging, you'll appreciate LightField's power and flexibility.