Flame -Family

A series of small robust spectrometer. These compact spectrometers integrate performance-enhancing features and are produced using industry-leading manufacturing techniques. Enjoy the benefits of greater thermal stability and lesser unit-to-unit variability, plus the freedom of interchangeable slits, simple device connectors and LED status indicators.

QE Pro

The QE Pro is a high sensitivity spectrometer with low stray light performance. It is ideal for a wide range of low light level applications such as fluorescence, DNA sequencing and Raman analysis. Custom and preconfigured absorbance and fluorescence options are available.

STS Family

​​​​​​​Its rugged design, compact size and great unit-to-unit reproducibility make STS attractive for integration into other devices and setups where a small footprint is desired.
STS UV (190-650 nm)
STS-VIS, (350-800 nm)
STS-NIR (650-1100 nm)
STS-IRRADIANCE (350-800 nm)

NIR Spectrometers

The Flame-NIR offers all the advantages of the Flame product line, including interchangeable slits and low unit to unit variability. The Flame-NIR is an ideal choice for applications including moisture measurement, grain and feed quality, measurement of fats and oils, and pharmaceutical ingredients blending.
The NIRQuest+
​​​​​​​High sensitivity – enhanced optical bench and aperture design for greatly improved spectrometer response, allowing lower limits of detection (LOD). NIRQuest+ spectrometers cover the wavelength range from 900-2500 nm. Custom and preconfigured options are available.